KGA Global EAP Capabilities

Going the Distance for Your Employees

KGA provides comprehensive EAP services to client organizations with employees who live or travel internationally. These multinational services are delivered through a strategic partnership with Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), an independent firm known for its outstanding service delivery and “in-country” service model.  Your global employees will be supported by in-country counselors who are native in each region’s language and culture, have firsthand knowledge of local resources and healthcare systems, and deliver services that integrate with KGA’s domestic capabilities.

About Chestnut Global Partners

Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) has been providing Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and related services since 1984. Building on a global platform that was established in 2000, CGP’s in-country EAP partners and international networks now cover over 145 countries. Like KGA, CGP is an independent EAP provider – not owned by a large insurance company that squeezes international EAP services onto a long list of insurance products.

An Adaptable Partnership
KGA and CGP can configure your EAP services to meet your unique needs. KGA can subcontract all your international EAP services to CGP, offering a single vendor relationship with integrated services, or you can opt for a dual relationship with KGA and CGP. Our partnership with your organization will depend on your administrative needs, employee locations outside the U.S., and the level of support most beneficial to your workforce.


International Experience & Cultural Approach
Maintaining a sensitive cross-cultural perspective is critical to designing and overseeing EAP services on an international scale. What works in one country does not necessarily work in another. Your EAP vendor needs to be keenly aware of socio-cultural factors such as economic and political climate, human services delivery structures, kinship, trade unions and societal values. CGP’s approach involves implementing consistent global service standards and support providers in the adoption of effective interventions.

CGP’s skilled counselors are recruited specifically for the sensitive delivery of EAP services across diverse groups. Every member of our counseling network is sensitive to the strong links between home, work, religious beliefs and community.


In-country Service Model
CGP’s in-country approach to service delivery employs a “glocal” model – i.e., a perspective that is simultaneously “global” and “local.” Global EAP services are provided by local, in-country partners who offer culturally relevant, high quality programs across your multinational organization. This model can better address your international human resource issues and business priorities as your EAP is always culturally sensitive, community-based, locally accessible and highly collaborative.
Service Delivery
EAP Counseling Services: In-person and telephonic counseling services are an integral part of the global EAP, providing a range of visit models for your employees and their family members. Our case managers help your employees determine which option is best for an employee’s particular situation and Identify individuals for whom in-person counseling would be most effective.

Intake Staff: EAP case managers provide customer-friendly, 24-hour telephone intake and intervention via a toll-free number, and systematically arrange and monitor referrals to affiliates and treatment resources. Staff requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree in a human service discipline with experience conducting intakes, arranging referrals, providing follow-up and ensuring a customer-friendly approach.


International Counselor Credentials
The clinical practices and providers that become part of our global EAP network through sub-contracting agreements must meet the following criteria:

  • A degree in a behavioral health discipline from an accredited college or university
  • Current license, or registration in the country in which they are working
  • On-call availability with the accessibility and responsiveness necessary to address urgent situations
  • Ability to offer in-person appointments within twenty-four (24) hours of an urgent situation and within 3-5 days of a routine request for service


International Crisis Response Support
 CGP has responded to hundreds of traumatic workplace incidents and other crises at client organizations throughout the world, including serious accidental injuries and fatalities, assaults by disgruntled employees, major workplace upheaval, international kidnappings, civil unrest and weather-based trauma. With numerous onsite responses, we have provided the necessary education, support, and trauma counseling to help our client organizations re-establish feelings of security, control and normalcy as quickly as possible.

Event Date Company
Political unrest in Egypt November 2011 International Development Research Ctr.
Employee Death at worksite in Bolivia May 2012 ADM
Armed attack on office in Sudan September 2013 Oxfam America
Onboard Mechanical Problems December 2013 Lufthansa
Family & Employee Support for Malaysia Air Flights March & July 2014 Confidential
Armed attack on hotel in Libya March 2015 Confidential