Client Solutions


Betsy Pratt

Senior Account Manager

Betsy Pratt joined KGA in February, 2008.  As an Account Executive, Betsy works on strategic account management, client relationships and business development. Prior to joining KGA, she worked at ADP as a Client District Manager for Major Accounts and as an Account Executive for Sprint and Cellular One Boston. She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Stephanie Marshall, LICSW

Senior Account Manager

Stephanie joined KGA in January, 2019. She has experience in managing and providing comprehensive EAP and consulting services to a variety of regional and national customers. Through her EAP work she assists Human Resources professionals in dealing with troubled employees, risk management, and performance management. Her training expertise includes Integrating Work and Life, Information Overload, and Stress Management. She also provides facilitation for management and organizational meetings including strategic planning, goal setting, and team building. Her consultation expertise is focused on Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Fitness for Duty, Workplace Violence Prevention, and Flexible Work Options. Stephanie is a certified Empowerment Trainer and Coach and provides workshops and individual coaching on Work/Life integration.

Mary Kimmel, LCMHC, CEAP

Senior Account Manager

Mary joined KGA in January, 2019. She has an extensive background in providing a range of services including EAP, consultation, and training. Her facilitative approach is useful in empowering both individuals and groups to develop new skills and move through change. Her areas of expertise include transition management, sexual harassment prevention, and critical incident stress management. She also has an extensive background in mind/body stress management. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

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Jonathan Sheff, MSW/MPH

Senior Account Manager

Jonathan joined KGA in January, 2019. He has over 20 years of experience developing, delivering and managing Employee Assistance Programs. He is a nationally recognized Executive Coach and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Examiner. Additionally he provides a wide range of specialty training and consulting on topics such as Managing Change, Strategic Planning, Handling Stress and Performance Improvement.

Jonathan holds a BA in Psychology from Antioch College and Masters Degrees in both Social Work-Clinical and Public Health-Healthcare Management from Columbia University.


Susan Kapopoulos

Senior Account Manager

Susan Kapopoulos joined KGA in October, 2010 as an Account Manager. She works with clients to promote KGA’s EAP and Work-Life services, evaluate their utilization data, plan and execute program communications, provide promotional resources and manage meetings and events. She has a strong business background in finance and program management. Susan received her BS in Business Administration from Babson College with a concentration in Finance.


Laurel Fardella

Senior Account and Wellness Manager

Laurel Fardella joined KGA in November, 2007 as our Training and Wellness Coordinator and Account Manager. In addition to supporting EAP clients, Laurel helps clients select and schedule wellness programs and track attendance and evaluations. Prior to KGA, Laurel coached and acted in training films, theaters, and commercials. She later served as training coordinator and wellness educator in several organizations. Laurel has a BA from Pennsylvania State University, an MFA from the University of Minnesota, and a M.Ed. from Lesley College.


Dale Arsenault

Director, Human Resources Solutions (HRS)

Dale Arsenault joined KGA in January, 2010 and manages the Human Resources Solutions group. She consults with clients to assess the organizational needs and provides solutions that include training, coaching and/or consulting. She also works with the counseling team on difficult employee relations issues. Dale’s background includes senior HR roles at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard. Dale has a BA in Business from Colorado Women’s College.


Brianna Ramsey

Account Manager & Marketing

Brianna Ramsey joined KGA in September, 2014 as the Account/Marketing Associate. Her primary focus is on marketing KGA services and supporting the Account Team with our corporate clients. Prior to joining KGA, Brianna worked for a large non-profit community health center in Boston and was responsible for the operations of the marketing and development departments. She also brings HR experience from her time with The Salvation Army.  Brianna received her BA in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Chris Bouchard

Account Manager and Wellness Coordinator

Chris Bouchard joined KGA in July, 2008. After several years supporting the Counseling Team as manager of provider relations, he became KGA’s Wellness Specialist in April, 2015. He is primarily responsible for the planning and execution of KGA’s wellness programming. Chris received his BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, with prior work experience in human resources and state government.