Carey Napoleone

Vice President, Business Operations and Human Resources

Carey Napoleone joined KGA in November, 2008.  As our Vice President of Business Operations and Human Resources she oversees the workflow and coordination of the Operations Team and works with the Client Solutions and Counseling teams on various projects, including documentation and billing.  Carey is the HR rep for KGA and is responsible for benefits management and recruiting.  Prior to joining KGA, Carey worked for TJX as a Recruitment Manager. She received her BA in Elementary Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Karen Herrera

Karen Herrera

Office Administrator

Karen Herrera joined KGA in June, 2014 as the Administrator & Counseling Assistant. Karen’s friendly voice can be heard answering many calls coming in English and Spanish. Before coming to KGA she worked for Philips Lifeline for 14 years as a personal response associate amongst other roles.


Tyson Puetz

Vice President of Information Systems

Tyson Puetz joined KGA in June, 2009 and is our VP, IS. He is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of KGA’s business systems and development of new products for the EAP and HR Solutions teams. Prior to KGA, Tyson worked in management consulting and environmental services. He is a native of Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Business Administration.