How does the KGA Affiliate program work?
How does the KGA Affiliate program work?Our affiliation process begins with a phone call from our Affiliate Network Manager, followed by the completion of an online profile. Once you are an authorized KGA Affiliate, we will contact you with EAP calls that match your area of expertise. A KGA counselor will refer the client/employee to you and you will work with that same counselor throughout the duration of the case.


How many session does a KGA client receive?
The KGA EAP provides sessions for assessment and short-term counseling. The specific number of sessions varies from contract to contract and will be specified on the KGA Authorization & Invoice Form (link to sample). We allow for self-referral upon completion of the contractually allowed counseling sessions, but require that you provide the client with an in-network alternative to your services.


Will the KGA client call me to arrange an appointment?
No. You will contact the client as a representative of KGA. Our belief is that employee has already made that first, and often difficult, call when he or she contacts us for help. Therefore, we take the initiative on the follow-up call.


How extensive is your paperwork process?
At KGA, we strive to keep the paperwork simple. Each time you receive a referral from a KGA counselor, you’ll be sent KGA’s EAP Invoice Form. When a case is complete, the form should be returned to us via email, fax or mail for payment.


What forms do I need to give to a KGA client?
Visit our forms page (link) for more information about the paperwork you are required to provide to a KGA client prior to your first session.


What if my client needs other resources through the EAP, such as daycare referrals or legal assistance?
KGA is a fully integrated EAP and work life program, offering a wide range of services (link to the latest EWP) to clients. Simply contact the KGA counselor who made the initial client referral and they will contact the client to discuss additional services.


How do I contact KGA if I have questions about the client being referred to me?
A KGA counselor will refer a client/employee to you. You will work with that same counselor throughout the duration of the case. Counselors are available by phone or e-mail and someone is always available 24/7/365 to help in emergencies.


Will I also receive insurance referrals from you?
Yes. We often choose our affiliates for insurance-based referrals because we are already familiar with their work.


How do I communicate my areas of specialization to you?
We are very interested in knowing about all of your areas of specialization. This is done during the initial affiliate onboarding process when you complete your online profile.


What should I do if I add a new specialty or additional training to my resume?
Affiliates are encouraged to contact us with any updates to their resume. The better we know you, the better we can provide our clients with the help they need.