2015 Top 10 Apps


Track your mood, behavior, triggers, and coping strategies to find out what works best for you over time and how to remain positive through difficult situations. You can monitor through the use of charts and reports, while being able to customize this emotional wellbeing APP for your needs through security, notifications, and suggestions on how to stay optimistic. Try it out on iOS (version 4.3 or newer) for free


This free mental wellness APP is available for both iOS (version 5.0 or newer) and Androids. It gives you the opportunity to learn about anxiety and how you can control it through writing about your experiences and situations, finding tools that best help you relax, consistently inspiring and motivating you through quotes and multiple active steps. Take charge of your anxiety with this APP!


Track your sleeping patterns throughout the night by using this APP while you sleep! It keeps a record of your snoring, as well as any lapses of breathing, which could even indicate sleep apnea. You can even see which factors might be affecting your sleep patterns to improve your nights overall. This sleep management APP can be found for iOS (version 6.0 or newer) for $1.99.


What's My M3
This free mental wellness APP (iOS version 7.0 or newer and Androids) allows you to administer a self-test of symptoms of several behavior health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, OCD, and so on. The final raw number result represents the likelihood of having such a disorder, with advice on who to contact, what to do, and the effects of the overall test.

tactical breather

Tactical Breather
Be able to relax at a moment’s notice with simple breathing exercises led by a soothing male or female voice. You also have the option to follow visual directions without audio to be able to practice in public settings. It is available for both iOS (version 4.3 or newer) and Androids for free, so try out this mental wellness APP now!


Calorie Counter: My Fitness Pal
Be able to track your weight through this easy-to-use and supportive APP found on both iOS (version 6.0 or newer) and Androids for free. From the beginning, you put in your current weight along with your desired weight, may it be to lose, maintain, or gain weight. It then tells you how many calories you should be consuming each day, giving you a place to log all meals and snacks, as well as all exercises, while keeping a close eye on your calorie intake. You can even track your steps, invite your friends to complete this challenge with you, and track your water intake to make sure you are always staying hydrated and healthy with this weight management APP.


Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson
If you’re committed to kick this bad habit to the curb, this APP, for both iOS (version 7.0 or newer) and Androids for $2.99, is for you. Learn to relax and let go of urges to smoke with relaxing audios. Stay dedicated by setting up reminders to help you relax throughout your day and find other methods of relieving stress. Start today with this mental wellness APP!


Mind Tools
Build over 100 personal and business skills in your free time through an assortment of topics, ranging from team management to stress management to practical creativity. You can share your favorite articles with your friends & family and even sign up for a free newsletter to learn even more. This management APP is available for both iOS (version 5.1 or newer) and Androids for free.


With this free APP, you have 10 sessions of 10 minutes of pure meditation concentrating on breathing and focusing strategies given through calming audios. These sessions building from one to the next, consistently improving your meditation skills. This mental wellness APP is available for both iOS (version 5.0 or newer) and Androids.

eating disorder icon

Recover Record Eating Disorder Management
Learn to track and control your eating disorder by logging all of your meals, snacks, thoughts, and feelings throughout the day. Earn rewards, stay motivated with constant reminders, record meetings with your clinician, and set goals with your progress. You can even recover with a partner to help each other stay motivated. Download now for either iOS (version 4.3 or newer) or Androids for free!