KGA wins WorldatWork Seal of Distinction

I believe that the WorldatWork committee is recognizing KGA because over half of the staff use variable schedules, abbreviated weeks, and a mix of on-site and telecommuting arrangements. As I think is true for many organizations, the issue of workplace flexibility continues to increase in importance for KGA. People’s lives are busy and our needs, in and out of work, constantly change. When thoughtful integration of all the major responsibilities in our lives is possible, we all win.

Philosophically, as a provider of employee assistance and work-life services, this is in keeping with our mission and the messages with share with clients every week. It is also a business imperative. We are a service focused organization and every employee directly impacts the client experience. Providing workplace flexibility is one way we can help people to bring their full attention to work while they are doing it… whenever and wherever they are doing it.

We encourage employees to discuss flexible options with their managers. The arrangements that are right for one person may not be right for another. Each conversation starts by recognizing an employee’s needs are real. We keep the door open to new possibilities.

To support flexible arrangements, we have to invest in technology that allows people to work remotely and the office to manage a workplace calendar with so many varying schedules. It’s a small trade-off for happiness and productivity.

Having good benefits helps. Our benefits are competitive with other smaller organizations, but our paid time-off benefits are especially generous and flexible. For all employees.

We firmly believe that flexibility has to start at the top. Then it needs to manifest itself in practices that reflect the situation on the ground. And it must be formally protected through policies.

That’s our approach at KGA. And we’re honored that WorldatWork recognized its value.

Seth Moeller, KGA President

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