10 Tips for Managing Effective Meetings

Meeting management and facilitation skills come in very handy when you are responsible for the results. Whether you are focusing on your department meeting or a special task force, the dynamics and complexities involved are often overlooked. Well planned and facilitated meetings keep participants engaged in the process and focused on the goals and deliverables required for success.

Here are 10 suggestions for effective meetings:

1. Identify in advance the purpose and expected outcome of the meeting.

2. Develop an agenda with time frames and accountabilities spelled out.

3. Share the agenda with the group prior to the meeting.

4. Start the meeting by reviewing the purpose of the meeting and minutes from the previous meeting.

5. Agree on time frames, ground rules, and who will be taking minutes.

6. Be assertive in order to keep the group focused and on task.

7. Suggest a follow up conversation if an item cannot be resolved during the meeting.

8. Address conflicts in the meeting if they surface.

9. Document next steps and action items that were identified before adjourning.

10. Distribute minutes as soon as possible after the meeting.

Nothing is more frustrating than a poorly facilitated meeting.  As a leader, good meeting management will be noticed and appreciated.

What changes do you need to make for more effective meetings?

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