4 Tips to Keep Employees Motivated During the Sunny Days of Summer

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, it becomes that much harder to sit in an office all day long. There’s no denying the nice weather outside of your office windows. What can you do to keep your employees focused on the work inside?

Here are 4 easy tips to keep your employees focused through the summer:

  • Focus on the big picture. – Sometimes we lose sight of why we are working on a project or task and it helps to bring the larger goals back into focus.  Make sure that each person knows how his or her assignments fit into the larger goals of the department and the organization.
  • Assign some projects they will enjoy. – The quote, “Time flies when you’re having fun” is known by all for a reason. What do you find most interesting about your work?  Take time out of your day to find out what is most compelling about each person’s job? Assigning employees projects in which they have true interest will provide motivation.
  • Encourage employees to take advantage of their lunch breaks. – So many of us fall prey to staying in the office while eating our lunch simply because it saves us money to pack our own lunch. If it seems your employees are craving the outdoors, emphasize how important it is for them to take a break and breathe fresh air. Hold some meetings outdoors or at an outdoor restaurant.
  • Reward people. – Most people need positive reinforcement to stay motivated. Don’t allow your employees to overwork themselves, exhausting their determination and motivation. Whether it’s free snacks in the kitchen, employee lunches, or even just a “thank you,” make sure your employees feel appreciated for all of the time they are putting in during their summers.

Remember that each person has unique motivators. Do you know what motivates each of your employees?  Your interest will help them get through the lazy days of summer.

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