Five Leadership Tips

In a recent radio interview with Jacqueline Brodnitzki of  “She’s Got it: Women Talk Business,” I was asked to share my 5 top tips for business leaders.

1. Walk the talk – This means different things to different people.  To me, it means putting into practice the things you talk about. Don’t say one thing and then do another. Actions speak louder than words.

2. Be transparent – The more you can share about business goals and results, the more people will feel they are part of the company’s success. Try to connect each person’s job to specific business results. If employees can see how their jobs connect to the bottom line, they will find more meaning and purpose in their work.

3. Inspire through stories – Personal stories can often create lasting meaning for those who hear them. This is particularly true when trying to build culture or when helping employees to understand the true mission or vision of a company.

4. Be a good listener – Nothing turns people off more than when they don’t feel heard or understood. Even if a leader has an opinion or is be able to make a quick decision, it is usually better to ask questions and listen first. You might miss important information by reaching a conclusion too quickly.

5. Promote good communication – Look for opportunities to hold open forums and brainstorming sessions. Ideas often feed on other ideas and these results can be invaluable in business. Whether building a brand, designing a new program, or launching a new product, it’s prudent to keep people talking.

Leadership can be fun, but it’s a lot more fun if you engage others in the process.

What’s your top leadership tip?

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