5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holidays

Many things change during the holiday season and one of them is the level of engagement at work. It is inevitable that both employees and managers become distracted by the rush of the holiday season. In addition to the pace, holidays raise the emotional stress level of many people, adding to lower performance at work. As a manager or leader, do you know what you can do to engage employees over the next two weeks?

  1. Start with yourself. Take a look at how the holiday season is affecting you. Notice how you are feeling and how the stress is affecting your work.
  2. Try to be empathic. Once you focus on your own situation, it may be easier to empathize with others. Walk around and check in with people. Pay particular attention to those who are alone or who have experienced losses over the year.
  3. Thank people for their service. A thank you from the boss goes a long way. Find a way to say thank you for their hard work and dedication.
  4. Do something for people in need. If you have not already supported a fund drive, food pantry, or toy collection, it isn’t too late. Engage others in a discussion and take the initiative to make it happen.
  5. Make sure there’s healthy food in the kitchen. Sweets can negatively affect mood, but may be difficult to avoid if cookies and candies are arriving as gifts. Avoid alcohol. It can cause depression and/or throw someone off track.

Showing concern for employees will increase engagement during and after the holidays. How will you keep your employees motivated during the holidays?


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