Are You a Highly Effective Manager?

We’ve all heard the old adage, “People don’t leave jobs, people leave bosses.” A manager who isn’t consistent, bullies or has other negative traits can drive excellent employees to look elsewhere, even if they otherwise love their work.

During the interview process, it’s hard for candidates to recognize these unfavorable characteristics when everyone is on their best behavior. Employees can then feel blindsided once the honeymoon phase of a manager relationship fades.

So, how do managers build good reputations and strong rapport with their direct reports? They show an interest, they listen and are open to new ideas. They develop trust by actions not just words. They embrace the talents of their staff and make an investment in their growth and development. Good managers create a safe environment where positive and corrective feedback is the norm.

Good managers recognize that frequent communication across the organization and the recognition of teamwork is essential. Managers who are self-aware often take advantage of executive coaching, self-assessment tools and 360-degree feedback analysis. In the spirit of continuous improvement, they may ask themselves:

What aspects of my work-style are effective and where to I need to adjust?

What blind spots do I have that interfere with my ability to be me a better manager and leader for my organization?

What is my action plan to improve?

Managing isn’t for everyone. Watch for an upcoming blog post on “The 7 Traits of Highly Effective Managers” and use these posts to reflect on your own situation.


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