Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The KGA Employee Assistance and Work-Life Program (EAP) is shaped by our commitment to provide each employee and family member with immediate and expert support to address whatever challenges they face. We pride ourselves on getting to the root cause of issues early to avoid more complex and costly problems in the future.  We employ senior level clinicians and ensure satisfaction by following up with each caller 100% of the time.

KGA provides comprehensive EAP services to organizations with employees who live or travel internationally. These multinational services are delivered through a strategic partnership with Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), an independent firm known for its outstanding service delivery and “in-country” service model.

Nationally recognized for our customized program promotions and robust utilization reporting, we are the partner of choice for HR professionals seeking a high quality, comprehensive EAP solution, regionally and globally.


High-Touch, High-Value EAP Services.
We are committed to providing high-touch, high-value services for every single client, including industry-specific EAP services for healthcare, higher education and labor unions. KGA helps organizations address:

  • Employee and Manager Stress, Manager effectiveness
  • Performance and behavioral issues, Traumatic events
  • Mental wellbeing and resilience, Employee presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Work-Life balance

What KGA Offers Your Employees

Comprehensive services
Our EAP services include a full range of counseling and work-life services. We can assist with legal and financial issues; child and elder care searches; mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Additionally, we offer career assessment, stress management, nutrition consultation, and many more work life balance services.


Live counselors available 24/7
 Employees will always reach a live counselor and have the ability to access all of our services with one call.


Convenient access
 Employees can access the EAP via phone, live chat, video counseling and online. Face-to-face sessions can be easily arranged with one of our affiliate counselors near where the employee lives or works.


Experienced counselors
KGA counselors are licensed, highly skilled and experienced in supporting callers going through a broad range of mental/behavioral health issues including substance abuse and addiction, depression and anxiety. We have Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) on staff, to meet the needs of any employee group regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


Case management
From start to finish the same counselor works with the employee or family member to resolve issues. This process includes assessment, short-term treatment and/or referral for additional services. The counselor will always check in with the caller to make sure they are doing alright and to ensure their satisfaction.


Confidentiality and respect
All contact with the EAP is kept confidential. Your organization is not told who called or the particulars of a case. The only exceptions are those that we are required to report per state and/or federal law. KGA counselors will treat your employee with respect and empathy. We recognize the challenge of asking for help and know that it can be difficult to make that first call. It is our goal to make your employees feel supported, understood and secure knowing that their conversation with us is confidential.

What KGA Offers Partners

Crisis management
 With each EAP agreement, KGA provides immediate response to crises including; death in the workplace, natural disasters, threats of violence, and acts of terrorism. We offer onsite counseling and crisis management to ensure business continuity.  These services are also available to non-EAP clients through KGA On-Demand services.


Experienced account management
 Your dedicated account manager works closely with you to align KGA’s services with your goals, remains available when you seek support, and helps you access KGA’s expertise as needs arise.


Program launch and promotion
 KGA meets with your team to develop a launch plan that will reach multiple audiences, fitting your timeline and establishing ongoing account support. We provide promotional materials for employees and house hold members electronically and in hardcopy. Employee and manager EAP overviews are provided in-person and online in both English and Spanish.


Reporting capabilities
 Reporting is provided monthly and available electronically at any time. Reporting includes utilization of all aspects of KGA’s services with year-to-year and all-client comparisons. Work place outcomes and user satisfaction are also included.


Manager tools and resources
Our Work-Life website includes an online library for managers, with various materials and resources on topics such as communication skills, drugs and alcohol in the workplace and respect in the workplace.


Human Resources consultation
 KGA employs senior HR professionals, with over 20 years of corporate HR experience, who provide consultation to our HR partners. We advise on issues including performance management, conflict resolution and managing difficult employees.


International coverage
 In partnership with a top EAP global provider, we offer international access to high quality EAP services for crisis intervention, individual face-to-face counseling, and follow-up services.