EAP for Higher Education

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Because Education EAPs Require More Thought

Few Human Resource environments are as complex as Higher Education. You support a highly diverse population of professors, administrative leaders, exempt staff, union workers and others, often in hierarchies or silos. You manage the impact of changes like Title IX and transgender acceptance. And you deal with tech-savvy students who continually expect and demand more.

  • Establish relationships with faculty, staff and leadership

  • Consult on leadership’s response to crises and threats of violence
  • Integrate with campus security, risk assessment and crisis response groups
  • Deliver sensitivity awareness and other training to administrative, departmental and campus leaders
  • Collaborate with Employee Relations to assess stress, addiction and other personal challenges
  • Support health center staff, chaplaincy and 24-hour residential life staff who serve as in “loco parentis”
  • Help staff with the impact of student accidents, assaults, and suicides
  • Meet with student affairs officers and employee affinity groups to ensure inclusiveness

Your Employee Assistance Program should reflect this world, not the corporate world. That’s why more colleges and universities are finding their EAP at KGA.

Change management for issues such as Title IX and Clery Act
providing consultation, training and expert referrals to drive compliance and long-term behavioral change.
Crisis response and management
for incidents such as the loss of a student, acts of violence, sexual assault and natural/manmade disasters.
Engagement of diverse stakeholders
with targeted launch strategies and ongoing campaigns that reflect the cultural, social, language and age differences of your decentralized workforce.
Risk management
including partnerships with campus security and response groups to help minimize personal, institutional and legal liability.
Inter-generational conflict
helping resistant or unaware faculty and staff better adjust their expectations and behavior to support the evolving mindset of students (and their parents).
Social media and other technologies
as a channel for EAP engagement and a powerful HR communications tool.
Support for new faculty
with referrals for childcare, moving companies, schools, and other local resources and services.

We also provide tools directly related to HR functions, with robust reporting capabilities to ensure you’re getting the most out of our services.

A Partner Who Understands What You Face – and Helps You Manage It

KGA builds a collaborative relationship with you and your HR team, as well as with Work-Life, Occupational Health and other groups focused on making all the people touched by the school a healthy and engaged community. Your faculty and staff can turn to us for help with a wide range of personal and work-related issues, including stress, work-life balance, depression, substance abuse, performance challenges or everyday needs like day care.

As behavioral and mental health experts, we assess the root causes of an issue to ensure the right solution at the right time. Individuals work with the same experienced counselor from start to resolution, assuring in depth support, confidentiality and diligent follow-up.

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Don’t settle for an EAP that lacks knowledge about education. Find our more about the way your college or university can benefit from a KGA EAP for Higher Ed. Contact us.

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