Thriving on Change: Accelerating Personal Transition

This workshop will strengthen Employees’ and Managers’ ability to manage effectiveness during dynamic and shifting situations.  The program helps participants to adapt to changing circumstances and make adjustments while maintaining control.


Throughout the workshop combinations of facilitated individual and small group discussions and hands-on experiential techniques are used to help employees and managers assess their own transitions and assemble a personalized action plan.


Clients are able to choose between half day and full day workshops depending on the depth and specialization of their learning goals.  These workshops can be customized to accommodate a specific clients needs and goals.

Topics and issues covered in either the half or full day workshops can include but are not limited to:

  • Why initiate organizational change?
  • Emotional reactions to organizational change
  • Change and transition
  • Understanding your personal reactions to change
  • Transition choices
  • Don’t just cope with consequences
  • Charting the cycle of change
  • What do people want during change?
  • Positive and negative transitions
  • Identifying personal goals and needs
  • How to help yourself through change


A one-hour lunchtime seminar is also available to provide a broad overview on transitions.  Participants will become aware of the importance of these issues in this educational seminar.


Format Scope of Content Takeaways Max Size
Full Day Workshops
(7 hrs)
Self-assessment & feedback

4-6 specialized subtopics

3 hours of individual and small group work
Self-assessment feedback

Transitional tips and tools*

Communication plan

Personalized plan (comprehensive)
Half Day Workshops
(3.5 hrs)
Self-assessment & feedback

2-3 subtopics

1.5 hours of individual and small group work
Self-assessment feedback

Transitional tips and tools*

Personalized plan (limited)
Lunch Seminar
(1 hr)
Covering the importance of time management

Review of tools and transitional tips
Overview of tools*


*Tools may include work style assessment, day planner basics, values clarification and goal setting and project tracking tools.