Welcome to KGA, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program is a benefit provided by your employer to help you and your household members deal with a wide range of issues in your personal and work lives. We can provide assistance on everything from family crises and workplace challenges to day care and legal issues. Through your EAP, you have free access to confidential counseling, consultations, research and referrals. We encourage you to use our services whenever a need arises. We’re here to help.

We can provide personal, confidential assistance for:

  • Counseling: Face-to-face, phone or video session to help resolve emotional issues
  • Crisis Counseling: Grief counseling and immediate intervention for suicide and violence prevention
  • Legal Assistance*: Legal consultation with an attorney and referrals for most legal issues
  • Financial Consultation: Help with debt management, budgeting and financial planning
  • Parenting Resources: Research and referral for all types of child care needs and parenting questions
  • Elder/Adult Care Resources: Research and referral to meet the needs of elders and older adults
  • Stress Reduction: Assessment of stress level and techniques/tips for managing stress
  • Work-life Resources: Targeted research and referrals for everything from pet sitting and relocation services to college planning
  • Nutrition Consultation: Support from a nutritionist on weight management, allergies and other dietary concerns
  • Career Assessment: Interest testing and career exploration services

How the EAP works:

Who would assist me?

 KGA counselors are licensed, highly skilled professionals with 10-25 years of experience in the counseling field. Beginning with your initial contact, the same counselor works with you to resolve issues. This process includes an assessment, short-term treatment and/or referral for additional services. The counselor always follows up to ensure your satisfaction.  Meet our counseling team.

What happens when I contact the EAP?

Welcome – Your phone call will be answered by a live person 24/7. We will gather information, evaluate your needs and put a plan of action in motion. All you have to do is make the first call 800-648-9557.

Questions – The counselor or specialist will explain our services and our confidentiality policy and then ask you some questions about your situation.  It will be our goal to understand your need and identify the type of support that will be most helpful to you.

Support – Based on your needs, this same counselor or specialist will work with you until the assistance you need is obtained.  This could include counseling, research on issues or resources, or referrals to local counselors, service providers, and other sources.

Follow-up – KGA staff will always follow up with you to ensure that we met your needs and to see if there is anything else we can do for you.  It is our goal to help you manage the challenges and demands that interfere with your ability to be focused at home and at work.

What happens to information about me?

All contact with KGA through your EAP is kept confidential.  We never tell your organization who called or the specifics of any case.  The only exceptions are those that we are required to report per state and/or federal law. No matter what you are facing, we will treat you with respect and empathy. We recognize the challenge of asking for help.  We know that it can be difficult to make the first call to the EAP. It is our goal to make you feel supported, understood, and secure in knowing your conversation with us is confidential.
How do I refer a colleague, friend or family member to KGA?
If you are concerned about a colleague or a family member’s mental or physical wellbeing, or believe they could use support with an issue in their life, then referring them to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an excellent way to help them find expert support.

Some people are unaware that they are covered by the EAP and will thank you for the referral.  However, making a referral is not always easy.  What do you do when an individual does not acknowledge he/she has an issue, or does not welcome offers of help?  We suggest that you call us to discuss the situation.  We can help you assess your options, develop a strategy, and even prepare what to say.  Not everyone will accept help.  We do know that a referral, when done well, will increase the likelihood that your colleague or family member will turn to us for support.

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Contact KGA at 800-648-9557, for live and confidential assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is our goal to understand your needs and help you find solutions.

*KGA general legal disclaimer:

No service, including advice and consultations, will be provided for: 1) employment-related matters, including employee or statutory benefits; 2) matters involving the employer, KGA Inc. and affiliates; 3) appeals and class actions; 4) frivolous or unethical matters; 5) matters for which an attorney-client relationship exists prior to the participant becoming eligible for benefits. 

If a participant wishes to retain legal representation, KGA will refer participant to an attorney who may provide services at a 25 percent discount.  This is not a guarantee of the least expensive attorney.  Should the participant retain an attorney through a KGA referral, he/she is doing so outside the EAP services provided through the employer and participant is responsible for all fees and costs associated with legal services.