Downsizing: Emotionally Difficult Work

Downsizing an organization puts enormous stress on HR professionals.  Issues can range from handling a difficult employee to introducing major changes to benefits.  It is often up to HR professionals to be the bearers of news and to explain the full impact of the event across the organization. Having a quality outplacement firm on board is an important first step.

Having supported dozens of organizations during downsizings, we know firsthand how HR professionals can experience true burnout.  We strongly suggest that HR professionals take steps to care for themselves during these difficult chapters.  Talking with an experienced EAP counselor about your unique situation is a good first step.  Use KGA as a sounding board to identify strategies to care for yourself, build resilience, and use mindfulness techniques during your day.  To schedule an appointment, call 800-648-9557 or email us at [email protected]

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