KGA’s 4-Minute Mindfulness Challenge

Wellbeing programs are on the rise.  “Compared to last year, health-related employee benefits have increased by 58% and wellness by 45%, which will continue [through] 2017” says Dan Schawbel, Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm.  “Companies realize that workplace stress is the biggest health issue that employees face so they invest in creating a more relaxing and healthier environment for them” says, Schawbel to Forbes Magazine.

The KGA Mindfulness Challenge is designed to help employers introduce mindfulness as a mental health component of wellness programs.  Many employers are aware that mindfulness skills can improve an employee’s ability to pay attention, be more creative and stay focused.

In 2016, a Boston area hospital undertook pilot research to assess the effectiveness of different mindfulness approaches in mitigating employee burnout.  The results showed that an individual’s use of KGA’s 4-Minute Meditation for a 30-day period was effective in reducing emotional exhaustion, one of the key indicators of burnout.

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