Additional Services

Support services that can be integrated into an EAP contract or purchases as needed.  These include:

[feature style=”” icon=”none” title=”Critical Incident Response” iconurl=”http://”]Some amount of which is included in most contracts, but additional support can be added.[/feature] [feature style=”” icon=”none” title=”Layoff Support” iconurl=”http://”]That can be integrated with outplacement services or an internally run process to provide impacted employees direct on-site support and/or ongoing access to the EAP through a transition period.[/feature] [feature style=”” icon=”none” title=”On-site EAP counseling” iconurl=”http://”]Offered to employee, professional or clinical staffs on a regularly schedule at your location.[/feature] [feature style=”” icon=”none” title=”Professional skills training” iconurl=”http://”]For managers and employees.[/feature] [feature style=”” icon=”none” title=”SAP Evaluations” iconurl=”http://”]Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluations.[/feature] [feature style=”” icon=”none” title=”Wellness Planning and Programming” iconurl=”http://”]Including seminars, webinars, information tables, health screenings, etc. Learn more.[/feature]