Crisis Management

A crisis, large or small, can have an adverse impact on an entire organization.  Expert support can make all the difference in the weeks and months that follow. KGA Crisis Management services bring expertise, compassion and urgency gained from over 30 years of experience to these critical situations.  We help leaders, managers and employees return to a state of stability, enabling them to cope with a crisis and become productive again.  When people don’t know where to turn, we can help.

Our crisis management services include:

Situation assessment to identify critical issues, next steps and potential risks to individuals and the organization.

Leadership planning to assess priorities and ensure that communication to senior management and employees is timely, well-crafted and reassuring.

Manager support to support to equip managers with the ability to support individuals and groups before, during and after a traumatic event.

Individual and group support to help with immediate response to events.  This can include on-site grief and trauma counseling, around-the-clock telephone counseling, and materials to support employees, family members and children.

KGA’s crisis management is included in every KGA EAP contract.  We also offer on-demand crisis management to any organization in need.  Clink here to access our On-Demand Crisis Management