On Demand

When you need help with the unexpected…

KGA On Demand services offer just-in-time support from experienced, prepared professionals. We are available any time to any company to help with sudden workplace crises or counseling needs. Because each organization is unique, KGA’s On Demand services can be tailored to meet the specific demands of the situation.  Our On Demand services are available to any organization whether it is an existing EAP client of ours or not. We offer:

  • Real-time, crisis management consultation and onsite counseling: Whether a natural disaster, national events, or an incident involving a single employee, we offer counseling and support that helps minimize the short and long-term impact of trauma, grief and stress.  On Demand Crisis Management Flyer
  • Employee/Manager Training: Our courses are customized to meet your learning goals by tailoring existing content or developing new content. KGA can also partner with you to assess, design, and implement development plans that support your strategic initiatives. View a listing of our training programs


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