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The modern workplace is rapidly evolving. Join us as we delve into the complexities of today’s workplace and the implications for managing risk, navigating crises and boosting employee engagement. We’ll speak with experts on topics relevant to all managers and HR professionals committed to making a true difference at work.

Episode 7: Filling the Gap – Childcare Options in Your Neighborhood

Seth Moeller, KGA President, speaks with Bridget Garsh the Co-Founder and COO of NeighborSchools. Bridget and Seth discuss the childcare challenges working parents have, especially during this pandemic, and how NeighborSchools helps to alleviate these challenges.

KGA, Inc. · Filling in the Gap – Childcare Options in Your Neighborhood

Episode 6: Alternative Educational Resources During COVID-19

KGA President Seth Moeller talks with Dennis Mullen, Area Director of Club Z Tutoring, about our new COVID reality and the challenges it has created for students and families.

KGA, Inc. · Alternative Educational Resources During COVID-19

Episode 5: Parenting in the Age of COVID-19

This episode of The Difference At Work is focused on accommodating working parents during a pandemic. Seth talks with Sarah Douglas and Amanda Hemm, co-founders of Soutiens, help organizations support the needs of working parents by addressing corporate culture, flexible work policies, manager education and focused communications.

KGA, Inc. · Parenting in the Age of COVID-19


Episode 4: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

We discuss suicide prevention and suicidality in the workplace with Maggie Mortali, Senior Director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Maggie shares the signs of risk, language for managers and how to build a prevention plan.

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Episode 3: Responding to a Workplace Crisis

KGA President Seth Moeller talks with crisis response expert Jeff Gorter about how companies can prepare for a disruptive event and build a resilient and caring culture in the aftermath.

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Episode 2: Opioids in the Workplace

KGA Founder Kathy Greer talks with nationally recognized opioid addiction expert Michael Botticelli about how employers can make a difference and effective solutions for responding to the opioid epidemic at work.

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Episode 1: Creating a Transgender Inclusive Workplace

KGA President Seth Moeller talks with Mason Dunn, a transgender rights advocate and the Executive Director of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. The conversation includes tangible steps organizations can take, best practices and resources for employers.

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