Top 10 Apps 2018

10% Happier
10% Happier bills itself as “meditation for fidgety skeptics” and combines guided audio meditations and video lessons to build a lasting and compelling meditation practice.

With this private micro-diary, users track their moods and habits throughout the day by using simple icons and quick notes. Day then converts this data into a chart to show patterns over time and provide other insights.

Rather than staring at a blank page, Grateful users are given prompts like “What made you smile today?” to get their gratitude juices flowing. They can also create their own recurring prompts and the reminders and easy and pleasant to do.

HabitBull encourages users to maintain good habits or break bad ones by encouraging them to track their progress on a calendar that they customize. App features like graphs, a forum, reminders and motivational words provide additional habit-building help.

Created in the U.K., SAM guides users through small steps they can take to manage anxiety on their own. The anxiety-management toolkit includes breathing exercises, and prompts to acknowledge the source of anxiety and rate and record anxiety levels. Through a closed in-app social network, users can connect with others coping with anxiety.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
 The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock listens in on your movements while you’re asleep and wakes you up during a lighter sleep phase, leaving you more refreshed than if you were jolted out of a deep sleep. Users can set a time by which they must wake up and the app will wake them up within a 30-minute range of that time.

Sober Grid creates a virtual sober community online where users can communicate, encourage each other and instantly reach out for help when struggling to stay sober. Users can remain anonymous or use the geotagging feature to meet up in real life.

SuperBetter turns everyday emotional, physical and mental challenges into a game, with the user as the “hero” of the story. With time, players develop resiliency and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, among other benefits 

Sworkit pushes back against the “no-time-to-exercise” excuse with its library of more than 50 videos ranging in length from 5 minutes to an hour. Users can customize workouts and workout plans based on impact level, difficulty, exercise type and focus area.

A list-making app that allows users to share lists with family, friends and colleagues, Wunderlist aims to help users tackle their to-dos. Along with the ability to collaborate on lists, Wunderlist also includes reminders, due dates and room for notes.