April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) kills approximately 100,000 people each year (CDC, 2015). In a 2014 survey conducted by SAMHSA, approximately 2.9 million teens reported that they had consumed alcohol within the past month. Of those, 6.1% were already binge drinking and 1% were heavy drinkers. More and more is being learned about the serious long-term affects of teen AUD. Many parents say they do not feel prepared to recognize the signs of trouble or talk with their teen about their concerns.

If you are wondering how to talk with your teen about alcohol, or are concerned about his/her drinking, the KGA counseling staff is available to give experienced advice. We can help you to prepare for the conversation and locate resources appropriate for your needs. Contact us, 24/7, 800-648-9557 or [email protected]