MyLife Services – A New Year’s Food Resolution

With year’s end so close, many of us are already thinking about how next year will be different. Often, new year’s resolutions are related to our relationship with food. However, studies show only 8% of new year’s resolutions are achieved! Here are 10 achievable food resolutions:

  • Begin with breakfast.  Aim for 250-400 calories including protein, grain and fruit.
  • Exercise. Park further away, use the stairs, walk on your lunch hour, join a health club.
  • Firm up with fiber. The recommendation is 25 grams daily. Read food labels and calculate your total. Look for whole-grains.
  • Slow down. Wait 25 minutes before taking a second helping.  Put your utensils down between bites.
  • Stop drinking soda. The phosphoric acid it contains leaches calcium from bones and can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Eat 5-A-Day. How many different colors of produce can you consume?
  • Bring your lunch. Avoid take-out, which may be expensive, oversized and high in calories.
  • Eat less red meat. Search out protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, nuts, seeds and legumes (beans, soy and peanuts).
  • Sleep eight hours a night. Two hormones, which regulate appetite and satiety, need sleep to function properly.
  • Party smart. Choose a small plate so the goodies are limited. Don’t deny yourself, but think quality, not quantity. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water.


Remember, for new habits to become routine at least 3 weeks of practice are required, so don’t give up! Avoid overwhelming yourself by picking one resolution to follow for at least 21 days before adding another from the list.

If you find yourself having difficulty with sticking with your resolution, contact MyLife Services, provided by KGA, at 844-405-LIFE (5433) or [email protected]. Our counselors are available any time to speak with you about your diet, exercise or another problem you might be experiencing that may be hindering you from keeping your resolutions.