Reducing Financial Stress – MyLife Services

Financial troubles can hit more than our wallets. The American Psychological Association (APA) warns that stress over financial concerns, and debt in particular, is associated with an increased risk for ulcers, migraines, heart attacks and sleep disturbances. We know there are more ways in which our money affects our bodies and minds.1 What can we do?

  • Call MyLife Services. MyLife Services (provided by KGA) counselors are available to help you manage the emotional impact that debt-related stress can have on many areas of your life. We can provide you with support and resources to take the necessary next steps.
  • Make a plan. If debt is stressing you out, establishing a debt repayment plan is a critical first step. When you start to worry, reassure yourself that you’ve got a plan in place.
  • Stop undermining yourself. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Talk with a counselor about your typical responses to financial stress, especially those habits that may not be so helpful. For many of us, this is necessary to move any plan forward.
  • Look for healthy alternatives. If we don’t have a plan, it’s hard to change our habits. Talk with KGA about alternative ways to respond to financial stress that are constructive. Knowing what you are going to do differently is part of any good plan.


MyLife Services counselors are available any time to help you alleviate your financial stress. Contact MyLife Services and take the first step: 844-305-LIFE (5433) or [email protected].