KGA has focused on mental and behavioral wellness since our founding in 1982. Today, our wellbeing solutions target personal resilience, stress management and modifiable health risk behaviors, reflecting the most current research and national trends in health care.  Whether your organization needs wellness programming for local staff members or a digital solution for a national workforce, we will work with you to develop an effective approach.

KGA Wellbeing Services include:

  • Wellbeing Programs – KGA offers a variety of health and wellness events based on current wellness trends, best practices and unique workplace environments.

Onsite – seminars, information tables, chair massage, wellness demos

Online – live webinars and group chats

  • Wellbeing Consultation – Consultation on policies, procedures and programs aimed at reducing modifiable health risks.  Our areas of expertise include the behavioral/mental health aspects of programs related to drug-free workplaces, workplace fitness and nutrition, smoking cessation, and weight management.

All KGA wellbeing services can be easily integrated with your EAP and wellness programs.