KGA partners with affiliate counselors across the United States and Canada to ensure optimal levels of quality and responsiveness for our clients.  We are continually working to maintain our strong affiliate network by recruiting qualified counselors throughout North America. In order to provide the highest quality services to our client’s employees, all of our affiliates:

  • Are licensed at the highest level of their profession
  • Have extensive post-graduate clinical experience
  • Are able to see employees within 72 hours from their initial contact


In addition, KGA’s EAP model guarantees that employees will be seen in a location convenient to their home or office. We ensure affiliate counselors are within the employee’s health insurance network, should the employee wish to continue with his/her counselor beyond the EAP benefit.

Interested in Becoming a KGA Affiliate Counselor?

We are committed to providing a professional, responsive and fair partnership with all affiliates. If you have an interest in becoming a KGA affiliate counselor, learn more by visiting: